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Being Well Together

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School Employee Wellness Tips


Ideas and Suggestions from Zone 4 schools and jurisdictions 


Being Well Together

School Employees Supporting Each Other


Eat Healthy!        

¨ Host healthy potluck lunches

¨ Offer healthy snacks in the staff room

– eliminate unhealthy foods in the staff room

¨ Ask to have a Dietitian offer an in-service on meal planning      



Be Active!

¨ Organize movement clubs (jogging)

¨ Host pedometer challenges: who can walk the most steps ina day / week / month?  Challenge staff at another school

¨ Provide “After School Wellness Activities”: invite staff to share/ lead an activity



Be Kind to Others!

¨ Be a mentor to a new school employee / ask someone to mentor you

¨ Support, encourage, and celebrate each other’s successes

¨ Celebrate birthdays

¨ Recognize milestones

¨ Be a Mystery Friend / Secret Santa

¨ Be welcoming to new employees , substitutes, and temporary employees

¨ Organize walking / talking clubs

¨ Laugh together

¨ Smile

¨ Do a random act of kindness every day—it could be as simple as wishing someone a “good day”





The way a team plays as a whole determine its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, teh club won't be worth a dime

Babe Ruth












For more information, contact:          Lorna Muise, School Health Coordinator (Alberta Health Services—Central Zone) 

                                                          403.356.6406                   Lorna.muise@albertahealthservices.ca



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