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Jurisdiction Tips

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ZONE 4—HEALTHY SCHOOL COMMUNITIES                                                                                                                                    


School Employee Wellness Tips


Ideas and Suggestions from Zone 4 schools and jurisdictions 


Being Well Together

Jurisdiction Leaders/ Trustees  Supporting School Employee Wellness


A recent study of urban teachers in Saskatchewan by professors Ron Martin and Rod Dolmage of the University of Regina found that 61 per cent had reported becoming ill due to work-related stress.  As well, almost 40 per cent of those surveyed had to take time off work because of stress.

Even more astonishing, though, was that 51 per cent of the teachers in this sample stated that, if they found a viable career alternative, they would leave teaching!

                                             (Retrieved from:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/teacher-stress-is-killing-my-profession-1.789436)









Create a Supportive Environment!


¨ Invest in employee wellness!  Include wellness related sessions during district PD events OR dedicate an entire PD day to staff wellness (ask your AHS School Health Facilitator for assistance)

¨ Greet staff at the front doors when hosting meetings at Central Office

¨ Maintain a positive attitude – be constructive when approaching  challenges

¨ Develop policy / administrative procedures that supports a culture of wellness

¨ Celebrate schools that have developed a culture of wellness

¨ Offer to cover playground supervision during site visits

¨ Send positive messages to school employees

¨ Send a positive note to the school principal about their school, students, or staff members

¨ Encourage school employees to take part in activities that promote random acts of kindness (be sure to participate yourself)


Eat Healthy!


¨ Provide healthy food options when providing meals or snacks during PD or other meetings (especially at Central Office)

¨ If sending gifts to school employees – send healthy food choices (or non – food items)


Be Active!


¨ Incorporate walking / standing / stretching into meetings

¨ Role model being active – hold walking meetings

¨ Partner with a local fitness club to get reduced memberships for school employees













The Languages of Appreciation


Do you know the most effective way to express appreciation to those around you?  Gary Chapman and Paul White, authors of the “5 Languages of Appreciation” have identified the following as ways that people like to receive appreciation:


Words of Affirmation 

Quality Time 
Acts of Service  Tangible Gifts  
Appropriate Physical Touch    


More Information is available at:

Appreciation at Work

Languages of Appreciation Powerpoint 



















“Without teacher appreciation there can’t be any student progress.”
Theresa Grimm






For more information, contact:          Lorna Muise, School Health Coordinator (Alberta Health Services—Central Zone) 

                                                          403.356.6406                   Lorna.muise@albertahealthservices.ca



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