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Copy of Sept 2015

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Welcome Back! 

Chalk board and school supplies    September 1 - 30 2015


Things to look for this month



  • ParticipACTION  - This website  provides information on increasing physical activity in children and youth as well as tools and resources to reduce screen time and make room for active play at home, school, and in the community.


  • Active for Life Lesson Plans  - These lesson plans, and accompanying instructional and assessment videos, provide activities, tips, and cues to deliver physical literacy instructions to children.


  • Passport for Life  offers tools to assess four components of physical literacy: active participation, living skills, fitness skills and movement skills. These assessment tools allow teachers to easily enter, manage and review student data online while also providing students and parents with individualized, user-friendly outputs (i.e., the Student Passport)










Dates to remember  


























Monthly Themes and Challenges






  • APPLE schools monthly themes - What is a Healthy School and Rise & Shine






















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