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October 2105 b

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Under a Harvest Moon 

    October 1- 31,  2015


Things to look for this month


Alberta's K-12 public education sector employee wellness community launches October 1st 2015 - register to become part of the community! 


          A one-stop archive compiling injury prevention                   programs,activities and information resources that             are available for youth. 


          Ideas and suggestions from Zone 4 schools and               jurisdictions 


These packages provide reliable age appropriate reference and links to recognized, evidence-based resources for tobacco related information. They are intended for use by health professionals, teachers, students, youth workers, community leaders and parents (newly updated)


This list includes both resources that can be used by teachers in the classroom and resources for teachers about specific health topics. (printable format, recently updated). Resources found n this list are also all linked from this site under Health Resources for Schools












 Dates to remember  


























Monthly Themes and Challenges







  • APPLE schools monthly themes - Bone Bounce Blitz and iMove to School 


  • Healthy Schools Calendar for October

































                                     Newly Updated! 












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