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June 2016

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June 1 to 30 


Things to look for this month


 AHS Addictions Services Newsletters 

  • These newsletters have been produced by the Alberta Health Services School Based Prevention Counsellor (Addiction Services) and will be featured on a monthly basis in the Monthly Themes and challenges section. 


Community Gardens Handbook

This handbook contains information, key steps, tools and tips for community groups to start and maintain a community garden. As well, it offers background information that may support school gardening.


Teaming Up for Tobacco Free Kids

Grade 4 - Emphasizing prevention, the goal of this curriculum is to increase awareness about the negative health effects of tobacco use, the dangers of second-hand smoke, and the importance of traditional tobacco in the Aboriginal culture. Grade 5 - Emphasizing prevention, the goal of this curriculum is to increase awareness about both the immediate and long term danger of tobacco use, the benefits of being a non-smoker, and the financial cost of smoking. Grade 6 - Emphasizing prevention, the goal of this curriculum is to increase awareness about the law and tobacco use, the role of peer pressure in tobacco use, and the influence of the media in tobacco use. Supplementary information and materials are also available to teachers in the delivery of Teaming Up for Tobacco Free Kids. 


Alberta Centre for Active Living 

The Centre is an internationally recognized research and education centre focusing on physical activity. There are infographics  available on the site as well as research, and resources that can be used by schools. 


Celebrate and Share Your Successes

Information on the importance of recogniszing all the steps you tke in the journey to become a healthy school. School success stories


Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health 

A broad based research and best practice sharing community - of particular note are the toolkits tha have been developed to promote youth engagement, and youth suicide prevention. 


Concussion Information and Resources 

comprehensive information and resources curated and developed by Parachute - Leaders in Injury prevention. Supports Brain Injury Awareness activities in your classroom 














































Dates to remember  










  • June 19 - Father's Day 





  • July 1 -  Canada Day        





















Monthly Themes and Challenges



  • Alberta Health Services Addictions Services Newsletters  - May/June  2016  - Positive relationships 







  • Healthy Schools Calendar for June
















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