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Eco League Action Project Funding

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Action Project Funding






Learning for a Sustainable Future provides funding for students and teachers to engage their school and community in an action project. Funding is available for schools, individual classes, and school groups/clubs. LSF funding is not available for organizations or clubs/groups outside of the school. However, schools that apply for funding are able to collaborate with local organizations to design and undertake their action project.




EcoLeague funding is available for schools to engage in an action project. Action projects must be interactive, educational, and address a local sustainability issue. Projects should engage the student body and make a positive impact upon their school and/or community. Action projects can model an LSF Action Project recipe or be designed by the students themselves. Preference is given to action projects that are student led. Please consult our Funding Rubric for more detailed application criteria.

  • LSF provides up to $400 in EcoLeague funding per school.
  • EcoLeague funding can be used to purchase materials that directly support the action project.
  • EcoLeague funding cannot be used to pay for honorariums, teacher release time, or other workshops.


Accepting applications for Fall 2016. Please ensure that completed applications are submitted by November 18th, 2016.


EcoLeague Application Funding Form


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