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Lakeview Christian School

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                 Lakeview Christian School   

                 (2016 2017 school year) 



        • served by the Community Health Centre in Stettler


        • Stacie Pederson is the  school health facilitator - her office is in Stettler, and her phone number is 403-740-7315


                Download a pdf of this contact list







    Program & Contact Information



    Addiction and Mental Health Services


    Health Care Locator

    AHS in my Zone -Central Zone 


    • ·Hospitals & Facilities
    • ·Program & Services
      • Addictions Services 
      • Mental Health Services

    24 Hour Helpline


    Health Link




    Addiction Services: is committed to reducing harm associated with alcohol, other drugs and gambling by strengthening the availability of addiction information, prevention and treatment services.


    Mental Health Services: offers consultation, assessment, diagnosis and treatment services to young people experiencing significant mental health issues. For more information please click here.

    • Please contact the nearest addiction and/or mental health center for information on Promotion/Prevention related services.



    Children’s Rehabilitation Services











    Children’s Rehabilitation Services: offers Physical Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy and other services for children with developmental needs.  Services may include prevention activities, education, identification, assessment, consultation, treatment and capacity building with families, schools and communities.  We have coordinated intake available at 1-855-414-5272..


    Audiology: Hearing assessments including tympanometry are provided to clients aged three (3) to eighteen (18) years of age at our clinics provided four days per week in Red Deer and once a month in the communities of Drumheller, Stettler, Wetaskiwin and Drayton Valley.  Hearing clinics are offered for children aged six months to three (3) years in our Red Deer office only.  Appointments can be made by contacting 1-866-314-5225.



    Communicable Disease Control



    CDC Intake: 403-356-6420

    CDC investigates reports of communicable diseases including outbreaks.  The Public Health Act requires that all diseases listed on the Communicable Disease Control Website be reported to CDC. 


    Schools are requested to notify CDC or the Public Health Nurse assigned to your school, when the absentee rate exceeds 10% and is likely due to illness in students/staff.

    Visit My Health Alberta for more health information. 






    Environmental Public




    Community Health Centre (intake line)






    Environmental Public Health - Communicable Disease, Food Borne Illness: works to reduce the spread of illnesses caused by food, water, insects and animals.  The program works with schools to provide information and control measures for gastrointestinal outbreaks. Please click here for more information.


    Environmental Public Health - Risks: Indoor Air, Outdoor Air, Playgrounds, and Contaminated Soils: Works to prevent, control, or remove any dangerous condition in the environment that could make people sick. Please click here for more information.


    Environmental Public Health - Safe Food: Public Health Inspectors provide routine inspections of food facilities within schools, investigate food-related complaints, and provide food safety information and education to food facility staff as well as the public. Please click here for more information.



    Nutrition Services


    Karen Olafson







    Nutrition Services: Public health dietitians work in partnership with the School Health Facilitators and Health Promotion Coordinators to support healthy eating environments in schools. Public health dietitians also provide resources for parents, teachers, school administration, trustees, students and other community partners such as: lesson plans that meet Alberta Education's Health and Life Skills Curriculum Outcomes for Kindergarten to Grade 9, nutrition newsletter inserts and toolkits for teaching children and youth about healthy eating or for creating a Healthy Environment. For more information visit: www.healthyeatingstartshere.ca



    Oral Health

    Contact your local

    Community Health Centre






    The Public Oral Health Program: offers preventive dental health services, free of charge, to specific at risk populations.

    For more information visit the Oral Health Website. 


    Public Health Nursing

    Contact your local

    Community Health Centre






    Public Health Nursing: provides immunizations to grades 1, 5 & 9. Available in a consultative role for other health topics as resources allow. 


    School Health Promotion



    Stacie Pederson



    School Health Facilitators (SHF) support schools in building healthy learning environments for students, staff, and parents.  The SHF can help you identify areas of strength and address gaps as you work towards creating a healthy school community. Please visit the Comprehensive School Health Website for more information.



    Sexual Health Educators


    Stettler Community Health Centre




    Sexual Health Clinic


    or 1-888-346-9414





    Professional development/ teacher in-services at school or division level; direct education for students enrolled in CALM classes and alternative schools, help in planning classes for students enrolled in other grade levels, and resources lending, which may include videos, games, pamphlets, etc. More information is available on the Sexual Health Education Website.


    Visit www.teachingsexualhealth.ca for on-line resources for schools.


    Sexual Health Clinic: providing confidential contraceptive services, sexually transmitted infection diagnosis and treatment.


    Health Link Alberta: please dial 811 for health care advice 24/7.

    A Registered Nurse will answer your questions and give you sound advice and information.


    *For any updates or questions regarding this listing, please call 403-356-6412.

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