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12 Days of Fitness

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Originally created by EverActive Schools and adapted by APPLE Schools, here are the activities for the Twelve Days of Fitness 


Annoucement Scripts


Newsletter Insert


Bulletin Board Ideas 

The concept for this bulletin board is to teach students about the benefits of doing active transportation safely to get to school. The idea is to set up the bulletin board as an advent calendar and set it up in the following way


  • Create one “gift” for each day of the 12 Days of Fitness. 
  • Take pictures of students performing each activity and mounting them on construction paper.  To make it look like a ‘gift.’
  • Before the start of the month, visit classrooms to get pictures of the students performing one of the 12 activities. These pictures then go up on the bulletin board, under the corresponding day. (for teacher champions and lead teachers, you can also assign each activity to a class)
  • The “gifts” are wrapped with a fun cover and then on the day corresponding to each activity the “gift” will be opened. Ex.: The first day of fitness is “1 walk around my desk” so on the first day of fitness unwrap day 1 to reveal pictures of students doing one walk around their desk.
  • Try to capture as many students as possible doing the activities. Students get excited to see their picture up on the board.


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