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Grade 2 heart health resources

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Heart Healthy Lesson Plans

(Heart and Stroke Foundation)



10 Healthy Heart Clipart Free Cliparts That You Can Download To You


Grade Two Lesson Package The unit consists of an introduction and five lessons (Black Line Masters included). Students progress through each lesson with minimal teacher guidance. A class discussion following each lesson wraps up any student questions.(downloadable pdf) 
 Play Skills Teaches K-3 children the skills of running, jumping, catching and throwing. Learning basic skills encourages children to participate in sports and physical activities. (Active for Life)
 Jumping into the Curriculum A K-3 cross-curricular resource that provides elementary teachers with fun-filled jump rope activities to help teach language, math, science, arts and social studies concepts while nurturing students‘ Multiple Intelligences. (approved by Curriculum Services of Canada) (downloadable pdf) 
 Heart Healthy Kids Provides all the strategies and tools you need to incorporate physical activity into the daily K-6 classroom schedule. Two 10-minute periods of  vigorous physical activity during the school day will foster cross-curricular learning while making school healthy and fun!
 Printable Skills Cards  

A great way to learn new skipping techniques

 Fuel for Fun  An easy to print, black and white PDF cookbook that you can give elementary students to support your healthy eating lessons. The cookbook contains recipes to try at home – or maybe at school!
Heart Healthy Tip Sheet  25 Heart Healthy activities 

 All resources listed here have been reviewed as meeting recommended practice guidelines and are listed in either  the Alberta Health Services Comprehensive School Health Listing and the Central Zone Health Resource List Addendum for Teachers, or have been recommended as a credible resource and reviewed. This is the  tool that we use for approval of resources - 2014 Criteria for Website Approval CZ School Health Wiki.docx (new).docx

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