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Grade 9 heart health resources

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Grade 9 Heart Healthy Lesson Plans

(Heart and Stroke Foundation)



Heart Smart Kids 

is an intermediate grades resource to teach students that it isn’t a chore to be healthy – it’s fun and it’s easy. Four teaching modules focus on healthy eating, active living, being smoke-free and making healthy choices in a real-life situation. 

Hoops for Heart 

Teaches basketball skills with five full-colour posters. Use the posters in gym classes and at event stations at a Hoops for Heart event. he posters are available in donwloadable format below

Keep Away  - bounce pass, receiving and intercepting 

Hot Shots - jumpshot and blocking

Three Point Shot

Obstacle Course (controlled dribble)

Hoops Ball Relay (chest pass and pivot)


Pumping it Up: A Heart Health Resource for Grades 5-9 

Activities in this resource are intended to facilitate student learning of the prescribed outcomes in Grade 9 of the Physical Education  Program of Studies.. This resource includes inquiry-based learning activities specifically focused on:

General Outcome B: Benefits Health

General Outcome D: Do It Daily ... for Life!



All resources listed here have been reviewed as meeting recommended practice guidelines and are listed in either  the Alberta Health Services Comprehensive School Health Listing and the Central Zone Health Resource List Addendum for Teachers, or have been recommended as a credible resource and reviewed. This is the  tool that we use for approval of resources - 2014 Criteria for Website Approval CZ School Health Wiki.docx (new).docx


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