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Blessed Sacrament School (BSS) - Hallway of Happiness

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Helping communities make the healthy choice the easy choice.  



Community/Project Name:        

Blessed Sacrament School - Hallway of Happiness



1. Target population:  Junior & Senior High. Gr. 4-6 at recess time. Would like to expand the initiative to include Kindergarten – Gr. 3.

2. Locations served:  :  Blessed Sacrament School, Wainwright

3. Name of leader and organizationBlessed Sacrament School Health Champions Committee

4. Grants utilized:  N/A



Briefly describe the initiative:

Hallway of Happiness was modified from Ever Active Schools' “Don’t Walk in the Hallway Campaign.”  This student led initiative started in January 2017 and takes place the first Tuesday of every month. The goal is to get everyone in the school more active.  The Blessed Sacrament School Health Champion committee discusses and plans what the activities will be each month and have created a binder with the laminated activities.   Activities are announced over the intercom and staff, teachers, and students are encouraged to participate whenever they are commuting through the hallways. The activities are also attached to pylons that are placed at each end of every hallway to remind everyone what the activity is and how to do it.  Each hallway has a different activity. Some examples include lunges, giving other each other hi-fives, and skipping.  


 What were the main objectives of the program:

  1. To help get student and staff more physically active during breaks and between classes
  2. To recognize the importance of healthy/active learning environments  
  3. To develop a program that everyone can participate in  


Please list the key successes:

  • Does not require a lot of time to plan, implement or prep each month
  • Increase in the number of students/staff participating each month
  • Students have stated they love seeing their teachers participate.
  • Other schools have been interested in implementing the initiative as well.
  • Very low cost (printing of activities for pylons) 




Who were the partners involved?

Student Wellness Leaders and Health Champions, which forms the Blessed Sacrament Health Champion Committee


Other resources utilized (websites, pamphlets, projects)?



How long did it take to plan and implement the initiative?

Takes 25-30 min to plan the activities for each month and create the sheets with the activities


If needed, how did you market your initiative?





 What challenges were faced while developing and implementing this initiative?

  • It was decided not to have the students crab walk as it is too difficult to carry your books at the same time. 


How were the challenges overcome? 

  • The crab walk was eliminated from the activities binder.  




 List the outcomes achieved:

  • Increased participation in a healthy school initiative
  • Students and staff are more active.
  • Students are taking the lead to plan and implement a healthy school initiative.


 How did you evaluate the initiatives success?

  • Word of mouth.
  • Number of participants
  • Initiative has been shared at the East Central Alberta Catholic Schools Wellness Stakeholders Meeting with other Health Champions and schools. Other schools want to adopt the initiative.


Were any follow up actions planned post-initiative? 

It was decided to continue the initiative each month for the entire school year. 




Please briefly provide additional information that should be considered when planning such an initiative including marketing materials, resources, and pictures.





1. Community location: Wainwright, Alberta

2. Contact nameCassie McMann or Sarah McCluskey

3. Organization: Blessed Sacrament School 

4. Email: cassie.mcmann@ecacs16.ab.ca or sarah.mccluskey@ecacs16.ab.ca 



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