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HASS Red Deer: Break Out Presentation on E-Cigarettes

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Helping communities make the healthy choice the easy choice.  



Community/Project Name:        

Healthy Active Schools Symposium Red Deer: Break Out Presentation on E-Cigarettes



1. Target population::

 Middle and High school-aged youth and Teachers 

2. Locations served:  :  

Red Deer area school divisions

3. Name of leader and organization

Gail Foreman,  Alberta Health Services (AHS)

4. Grants utilized:




Briefly describe the initiative:

Break out presentation on E-Cigarettes at the Red Deer Healthy Active School Symposium in Red Deer on October 20, 2016


 What were the main objectives of the program:

To raise awareness about e-cigarettes and possible health concerns


Please list the key successes:

  • It was standing room only. Students and teachers were very eager to learn more about these products.
  • Teachers were very interested in resources to share with their schools.
  • Students actively participated and were very engaged.





Who were the partners involved?

Health Promotion, Comprehensive School Health,  School Divisions in the Red Deer area, Healthy Active School Symposium organizers


Other resources utilized (websites, pamphlets, projects)?

  • Alberta Health Services presentation on E-Cigarettes
  • Downloadable resources from AlbertaQuits.ca
  • Google – search activity



How long did it take to plan and implement the initiative?

Once the presentation was deemed  of value to include on the agenda, very little time was required, as I participated in creating the Alberta Health Services presentation on E-Cigarettes prior to the event



If needed, how did you market your initiative?

I provided Lorna Muise with information about the presentation and shared some graphics for her to use to create the program for the marketing.




 What challenges were faced while developing and implementing this initiative?

Just getting on the agenda. Choosing something that would be relevant and resonate with the organizing committee and youth.


How were the challenges overcome?

Had floated some possible topics previously, but had not been accepted. E-cigarettes are a hot issue at the moment and an obvious choice for a suggestion this time




 List the outcomes achieved:

  • Excellent attendance numbers – students and teachers had a choice of various sessions to attend
  • Students and teachers were engaged and participating
  • Learned new information about the risks of using these products


 How did you evaluate the initiatives success?

  • participants involvement, attendance and informal feedback
  • a student asked me for help in quitting after the presentation so I spent some one on one time with him
  • a teacher came to me and asked for resources to bring the information to her school
  • A teacher wrote me a very nice compliment on my presentation energy

Were any follow up actions planned post-initiative? 


A teacher asked for resources that she planned to use at her school.



Please briefly provide additional information that should be considered when planning such an initiative including marketing materials, resources, and pictures.

  • It is good to have AHS vetted or created resources to ensure consistency of information.
  • Important for the presenter to have a good understanding of the material
  • Activities are important for this age group rather than just lecture.




1. Community location: Red Deer, Alberta, JCCHC

2. Contact nameGail Foreman RN BScN CTE

3. Organization: Alberta Health Services 

4. Emailgail.foreman@albertahealthservices.ca 



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