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Student-Led Community Wellness Fair

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Helping communities make the healthy choice the easy choice.  



Community/Project Name:        


Student-Led Community Wellness Fair : Sunchild School



1. Target population:

grades 7 and 8

2. Locations served:  :  

Sunchild School

3. Name of leader and organization

Deanna Jackson (teacher) 

4. Grants utilized:




Briefly describe the initiative:

Community Wellness Fair was created by school students to represent ideas that would build a healthier community.


 What were the main objectives of the program:

  • To have school students choose health and wellness topics that they felt needed to be addressed  to build a healthier community
  • To have students research those topics and present their findings to community members and other school grades
  • To have the community learn from the students' ideas of what a  healthier community looks like to them
  • To have health care and education working together as a team in providing holistic care


Please list the key successes:

  • Students were assessing their community for wellness gaps.
  • The students were learning and teaching other kids and community leaders.
  • Community involvement
  • Health care staff and school working together to improve health status of community




Who were the partners involved?

  • Sunchild Health centre staff
  • Sunchild School staff


Other resources utilized (websites, pamphlets, projects)?

Health care staff provided posters, hand outs and life like replicas to assist students with teaching. School provided students with time and resources to research topics and build stations.


How long did it take to plan and implement the initiative?

3 months


If needed, how did you market your initiative?

Marketing consisted of invitations taken home by the students, posters distributed around the community, invitations at community meetings and posting the information on the community Facebook page.




 What challenges were faced while developing and implementing this initiative?



How were the challenges overcome?




 List the outcomes achieved:

  • Students were very proud of how successful their health fair was and that community came and listened to their findings.
  • Community was very proud of their students.
  • This gave students a chance to show leadership in building a healthier future.


 How did you evaluate the initiatives success?

By the community reactions 


Were any follow up actions planned post-initiative? .



Please briefly provide additional information that should be considered when planning such an initiative including marketing materials, resources, and pictures.




1. Community location

Sunchild Health Centre

2. Contact name

Brenda Sands

3. Organization: 

First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Alberta Region 

4. Email:






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2. Locations served:  Stettler Elementary School, Wm E Hay Secondary Campus, Stettler Outreach School, Erskine School, Donalda School, Big Valley School, Byemoor School, Gus Wetter, Botha School, Brownfield School

3. Name of leader and organization:  Barb Gano & Brenda MacDonald, Clearview Public Schools

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