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Share the Health_Red Deer Public Schools HART Teams (Health Action Relationship Teams)

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Helping communities make the healthy choice the easy choice.  



Community/Project Name: Red Deer Public Schools HART Teams (Health Action Relationship Teams) 



1. Target population: Health Champions and Community Liaison Workers from each school in RDPSD.

2. Locations served: Red Deer Public Schools (22)

3. Name of leader and organization: Del Lomsnes Comprehensive School Health Lead and Mark Jones RDPSD

4. Grants utilized: Alberta Healthy School Community Fund



Briefly describe the initiative:

Health Action Teams (HAT) + Relationships = Health Action Relationship Teams (HART)

Our Health Action Teams have evolved under the guidance of Central Office Staff, AHS Staff, and district CSH Coordinator, and truly have become a key influential piece of the school communities.   Our goal is to build on the strength and the capacity of the HAT team to include a larger focus on relationships (HAT + R = HART).  Our Health Champions will work in partnership with the Community Liaison Workers (CLW) in each school to synergize their effort in building healthy school environments. CLWs strive to impact the well-being of students and their families by building relationships both at school and home.  Through this initiative, CLWs and Health Champions will have collaboration time to plan and connect school stakeholders with resources and supports.  A critical component of our HART teams are the students.  These groups will focus on healthy relationships as they are a critical piece of student success in all areas of schooling.


What were the main objectives of the program:

It is expected that the HART Team will initiate various projects to build healthy relationships among students, staff, and the entire school community.  HART teams will be able to impact home, school and community. 


Maintain and Expand Healthy Eating, Mental Wellness and Active Living Initiatives.

Through a variety of strategies including Healthy Active School Symposium (HASS), Physical Literacy Mentorship and HART Student Leadership Day we will continue to promote, support and strengthen healthy eating, mental wellness and active living initiatives in schools.  It is expected each school will submit a HART plan to District CSH Coordinator outlining various initiatives undertaken in their specific school. 

Promote and implement district wide lesson plans developed by RDPSD Student Services, CLWs, and Health Champions. 

In the spring of 2017, Student Services worked with a multi disciplinary team to develop a series of lesson plans focused on “Healthy Relationship Choices” for grades K – 5.  During the 2017-18 school year, these lesson plans will provide strong universal supports in 9 key areas.  It is expected that these lessons will support students in understanding and expressing feelings, positive interactions and group roles and processes.  School administrators have been directed by senior administration to allocate specific minutes in the school time table for the delivery of the Health curriculum.  Collaboration time may be accessed at the school and district level to move forward the entire Health Curriculum.  Each school is expected to deliver the entire Health Curriculum through adjusted time table.


Please list the key successes:

  • Health initiatives were implemented with more support and buy in within the schools.  




Who were the partners involved?

  • Ongoing support will be provided through numerous organizations coordinated by the District CSH Coordinator.   These organizations include AHS, Primary Care Network, City of Red Deer, 360 Fitness, churches, Red Deer College, ASEBP and other school jurisdictions.


Other resources utilized (websites, pamphlets, projects)? N/A

How long did it take to plan and implement the initiative?

It is still ongoing and just started gaining momentum when we were informed that the Wellness Fund dollars that we had allocated for the initiative had been cut.


If needed, how did you market your initiative?

It didn’t take much for Central office staff to see the natural fit for the two teams to work together to better serve the health and wellness needs of the school community.




 What challenges were faced while developing and implementing this initiative?

  • A forced arrange marriage between Health Champions and CLWS.  Some schools excelled faster than other relationships that are taking a bit longer to get to know working styles and how they can work together.


How were the challenges overcome?

Give the teams more collaboration time.



 List the outcomes achieved:


How did you evaluate the initiatives success?

Testimonials from teams, Leadership Day highlights


Were any follow up actions planned post-initiative? 



Please briefly provide additional information that should be considered when planning such an initiative including marketing materials, resources, and pictures.






1. Community location: Red Deer Public School District


2. Contact name: Del Lomsnes


3. Organization: RDPSD


4. Email: del.lomsnes@rdpds.ab.ca




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2. Locations served:  Stettler Elementary School, Wm E Hay Secondary Campus, Stettler Outreach School, Erskine School, Donalda School, Big Valley School, Byemoor School, Gus Wetter, Botha School, Brownfield School

3. Name of leader and organization:  Barb Gano & Brenda MacDonald, Clearview Public Schools

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