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Share the Health_Zone 4 School Health Sharing Event

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Helping communities make the healthy choice the easy choice.  



Community/Project Name: Zone 4 School Health Sharing Event 



1. Target population:  Jurisdiction Senior Leadership, Trustees, School Administrators, Wellness Leaders

2. Locations served: Central Zone 

3. Name of leader and organization:  Lorna Muise, AHS Central Zone School Health Promotion

4. Grants utilized: None



Briefly describe the initiative:

In May of 2012, the School Health Promotion Team Lead partnered with the ASBA Wellness Representative to host a multi-jurisdiction conversation focused on healthy school communities and districts.  Jurisdictions supported by the AHS Central Zone School Health Promotion Team were invited to the conversation to share, learn, network, and celebrate how we are building healthy school communities.  This event has become an annual conversation.  The organizing committee has grown from 2 people to a group that has representation from CASS, ASBA, 2 jurisdictions and AHS.


What were the main objectives of the program:

share, learn, network


Please list the key successes:

  • Hosted 6 annual sharing conversations (hosting the 7th event on May 8, 2018

  • Increased is taking place across / between districts outside of the annual spring conversations.  Districts are sharing resources, strategies, and promising practices without the platform of a “scheduled event”. 

  • In February of 2017 our Zone 4 Team (comprised of representatives from CASS, ASBA and AHS) was invited to highlight our team and share how we coordinate our zone sharing opportunities with members of the provincial coalition

  • One district from outside our zone registered and joined the conversation last year

  • Partners include ASEBP, Ever Active Schools and CARC.  Each of these partners have provided funding to reduce registration fees for participants.




Who were the partners involved?

  • CASS, ASBA, AHS, School jurisdictions across Central Zone, ASEBP, Ever Active Schools, CARC 


Other resources utilized (websites, pamphlets, projects)?


How long did it take to plan and implement the initiative?

We usually have our first planning conversation in December and conclude the details for the event in early April.  The goal is to have a “save the date” circulated in early February and registration information circulated in late March.


If needed, how did you market your initiative?

The School Health Promotion Team Lead circulates a “save the date” in early February to the Jurisdiction Wellness Leads in Central Zone.  The Central Alberta Regional Consortium (CARC) promotes the Zone 4 Sharing Conversation as part of their course offerings.  Invitations via our CASS and ASBA representatives. Finally, we personally invite ASEBP, EAS and the Wellness Fund to attend the conversation.




 What challenges were faced while developing and implementing this initiative?

  • We have no budget to support this work.    


How were the challenges overcome?

We have been creative in accessing support from partners.  When we started this approach to sharing, districts would send a small number of people – partially because we were limited by space.  Moving to larger facilities (CrossRoads Church for the past 4 years and the Lacombe Memorial Centre this year) and having added buy-in from district and provincial partners has strengthened the event which, in turn, has enhanced the sharing across the zone.




 List the outcomes achieved:

  1. We have seen an increased amount of sharing between districts outside the event

  2. We have had 91 – 100% attendance at each event by jurisdiction partners over the past six years.

  3. Feedback on the overall event has been very positive for each of the past six years.

  4. An increased number of Education partners have joined the planning committee to support the past 3 events.

  5. The Zone 4 Conversation is evaluated annually but the “ripple effect” has not been adequately captured.  We have worked with EAS to attempt to track this information but we still want to improve the “data capture”.


 How did you evaluate the initiatives success?

At the conclusion of each conversation we have conducted formal evaluation with participants.  The planning committee also debriefs the event to capture successes and learnings.


Were any follow up actions planned post-initiative? 

We will continue to host this conversation on an annual basis as long as it is warranted.



Please briefly provide additional information that should be considered when planning such an initiative including marketing materials, resources, and pictures.

The planning committee has grown in size – AHS representation needs to be reviewed.  We appreciate CASS and ASBA representation as well as 2 additional Education partners.  AHS currently has 6 individuals on the committee which is too many.


Our partners at CARC, Ever Active Schools (EAS), and ASEBP have supported these gatherings through speaker fees, registration, evaluation, facility rental, and morning snacks.  This is essential to keeping the fee structure low.


Additional information including event agendas and summaries are available upon request.




1. Community locationCentral Zone


2. Contact nameLorna Muise


3. Organization: AHS


4. Email: lorna.muise@ahs.ca




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2. Locations served:  Stettler Elementary School, Wm E Hay Secondary Campus, Stettler Outreach School, Erskine School, Donalda School, Big Valley School, Byemoor School, Gus Wetter, Botha School, Brownfield School

3. Name of leader and organization:  Barb Gano & Brenda MacDonald, Clearview Public Schools

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