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Oral Health Program Overview and Services Offered

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Oral Health Program


Central Zone 


The standard services offered are: 


  • information, education and health promotion to increase Albertans' ability to maintain and improve their family's oral health 









Services to students age 5 - 18 years: 


  • The Dental Outreach of Red Deer (DOoR) Program at Johnstone Crossing Community Health Centre provides free dental treatment and prevention services for children aged 5 - 18 years. 
  • The program is available upon meeting specific criteria; children needing urgent care who have visible tooth decay, pain, broken teeth and/ or signs of infection. Treatment is available for families with lower income, and no dental benefits to cover dental treatment.
  • Families interested in dental treatment for their children needing urgent care can call 403 356 6302 and ask to speak to someone from the DOoR Program.  

Services to targeted schools:


  1. Students in Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 who signed up for the program undergo a visual exam where they are screened for dental cavities and/ or infection.  Please note that this DOES NOT replace a check-up by the dentist. 
  2. For those who have consent, the 6 year molars for Grade 1 and 2 students are assessed for sealants by a registered dental hygienist and a first fluoride varnish is applied.  
  3. Sealants are placed by registered dental assistants and registered dental hygienists for Grade 1 and 2 students at the school. Sealants placed in Grade 2 and checked in Grade 3 and repaired if needed.  
  4. Fluoride varnish is offered twice throughout the school year. To be of most benefit, there has to be at least 3 months between fluoride applications.  
  5. If we do note infection, or if the child reports they are in pain, we follow up by calling the parents within 24 hours of seeing the child.  



Services for children 12 - 35 months:  


  1.  Free Fluoride Varnish Program applications are offered for eligible children 12 to 35 months with the maximum age being 42 months. The fluoride varnish is applied by a registered dental assistant or registered dental hygienist. Oral hygiene education is also provided. 
  2. The goal is to provide 4 fluoride applications. To be of most benefit, there has to be at least 3 months between appointments.
  3. Appointments are booked through your local Community Health Centre. Find locations here. 



Alberta Child Health Benefit:


  • Dental benefits may be available for your children.
  • Qualification based on income and family size.  More information here


Service providers

Registered Dental Assistants, Registered Dental Hygienists, Volunteer Dentists and Registered Dental Assistants in the DOoR Program. 


Service locations

Please visit for more details about this service at various locations.


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