Grade 2 Oral Health


The Oral Health Education Teacher Resource (Kindergarten through Grade 3) is designed to assist teachers with helping their students achieve good oral health. (created by Alberta Health Services) 

Grade 2 Manual - a set of 9 lesson plans with background information and handouts - keyed to curriculum outcomes - 1 cross-curricular with nutrition

Make Your Own Robo-Tooth - bring Robo-Tooth to life for your students - can be used as a classroom mascot or as a teaching aid for the Grade 2 manual 

Geena's Tremendous Tooth Adventure  - This short animated video highlights the importance of taking care of our teeth and 

how to take care of them especially as new adult teeth grow in.


 Smile City has been developed to provide children an interactive and fun way to learn more about oral health. Use the activity sheets, games, and tips located in Smile City to help teach students about the importance of dental hygiene.  Available in English and French.


The Colgate Company site includes activities to use with a Smart Board or in a computer class. 


Tooth Day Theme

(American based resource - some links within the resource do not work)

Language Arts Math Science
Social Studies Art Movement


Books related to this theme:  
  • Andrew's Loose Tooth by Robert Munsch.
    The humorous story of how a little boy finally loses his loose tooth.
  • Arthur's Tooth by Marc Brown.
    Arthur is anxious to lose a tooth to keep up with all of his friends.
  • Franklin and the Tooth Fairy by Paulette Bourgeois.
    Franklin the Turtle learns it's alright to be different, since he hasn't any teeth!
  • How Many Teeth by Paul Showers.
    A simple true book with information and rhymes on teeth.  Most appropriate for kindergarten.
  • I Know Why I Brush My Teeth by Kate Rowan.
    A mother and son have a discussion on why it's important to brush teeth.  Good information presented in a fun way.
  • Madlenka by Peter Sis.
    When a little girl discovers her tooth wiggles, she simply must tell everyone.  In the process she has a trip around the world which helps her figure out where she fits in.  A good book to use for a social studies lesson.
  • Nice Try, Tooth Fairy by Mary W. Olson.
    When Mary asks the tooth fairy to have her tooth back, the fairy makes mistakes and brings her various animal teeth.
  • Open Wide Tooth School Inside by Laurie Keller.
    A delightful book with terrific information about teeth presented in a humorous way.  Most appropriate for older children in order to get the humor.
  • A Quarter From the Tooth Fairy (Hello Math Reader. Level 3.) by Caren Holtzman.
    The story of a boy who can't decide what to buy with the quarter the tooth fairy has left for him.  It's a great math lesson on trading coins equaling 25 cents!
  • Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions from Around the World by Selby B. Beeler.
    Shares traditions from around the world for teeth which have fallen out.  Another good book for a social studies lesson.
  • Tooth Decay and Cavities by Dr. Alvin Silverstein, et. al.
    A nonfiction book filled with real photographs and answers to lots of questions regarding teeth.
  • Tooth Fairy by Audrey Wood.
    This well-known author writes the story of a child trying to trick the tooth fairy.
  • Tooth Truth: Fun Facts & Projects by Jennifer Storey Gillis.
    An activity book with plenty of hands-on ideas for tooth related projects.
  • What Do the Fairies Do With All Those Teeth? by Michel Luppens.
    Get your students imaginations going by reading this book.  Have them come up with their own ideas as well.


Oral Health education powerpoint presentation 

 (The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services)

Aboriginal version of the powerpoint 

(The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services)


All resources listed here have been reviewed as meeting recommended practice guidelines and are listed in either  the Alberta Health Services Comprehensive School Health Listing and the Central Zone Health Resource List Addendum for Teachers, or have been recommended as a credible resource and reviewed. This is the  tool that we use for approval of resources - 2014 Criteria for Website Approval CZ School Health Wiki.docx (new).docx


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