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Grade 9 Resources

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Grade 9 Lesson Plans  - twelve lesson plans - keyed to Alberta Education curriculum, searchable by topic, include hand outs, background information, masters, evaluation - some lessons available in French, two SMART board interactive lessons


Demonstration Videos designed to assist teachers who would like to show condom and dental dam demonstrations to their students. The accompanying notes give step by step instructions to help guide teachers to perform the demonstrations.


Print Resources -  health information sheets, kits (including parent information that can be printed off), pamphlets 


Illustrations - can be downloaded and printed for your convenience




  • Between Me and You
    A classroom trivia game that reinforces the Grade 8, 9 and CALM curriculum. This game helps to increase understanding of how to reduce risk of pregnancy and STIs, and increase knowledge of sexual health.

  • Condom Line-Up
    At the end of this activity, participants will be able to describe the proper sequence of steps to ensure correct condom use. For Grade 8 to CALM.

  • Puberty Changes 
    Students examine physical, relational and emotional puberty changes and determine changes that are unique to boys and girls and changes that are common to both.

  • Quiz, Quiz, Trade Card
    Engage your students with fact or myth questions on sexual health. Note: Cards marked with "CALM Question" are for CALM students only.


Presentations and Slides


Contraceptive Methods

Sexually Transmitted Infections





























Physical resources that can be borrowed:

(If you see a resource you would like, but it is not at your local health unit, you can still order it through your sexual health educator, or your school health facilitator.) 


It’s Your Choice: Birth Control For Teens –  DVD

Provides clear information to assist teens in making decisions related to contraception.  The effectiveness of each method in pregnancy prevention, possible side effects and health risks, and protection against HIV and other STIs are all discussed.  The young people sharing their experiences bring an authenticity to the program while answering a broad range of questions regarding how various methods are used and their candid opinions on abstinence. 

 Audience: Grade 8-12 


    Red Deer 403-346-8336


Teen Pregnancy: Reel Stories, Real Life - DVD

 This video does a really good job of showing teenage girls know why abstaining from unprotected sex is a good idea.  It explains the tremendous responsibility placed on single teenage moms and the toll those responsibilities take on their lives.

Audience:  Grades 7- 12


     Red Deer 403-346-8336


Toothpaste - DVD

 Toothpaste deals with dating, pregnancy prevention, communication, self-esteem, friendship and commitment.

Audience: Grade 9


    Red Deer 403-346-8336


Sexting, Sex Plus Text Equals Trouble –DVD 

Peer hosts and true-to-life vignettes show teens the dangers of sexting: the act of posting and sending sexually explicit or sexually suggestive messages, photographs, and videos most often using cell phones.

Audience: Grade 9-12 


Red Deer 403-346-8336 

Vermilion 780-853-5270 


Sex Smart for Teens  STI’s– DVD

This engaging program provides essential health information, including clear instruction on STI prevention.  With a respectful tone and touches of humor, Sex Smart for Teens: STIs shows how an “it won’t happen to me” attitude can be dangerous for teens.

Audience:  Grades 8- 12


     Drayton Valley 780-542-4415 ext 6 


Sex Smart for Teens birth control – DVD

This up-to-date program presents the facts and encourages teens to make smart decisions about sex.  Providing  information about birth control  choices.

Audience:  Grades 8- 12


     Drayton Valley 780-542-4415 ext 6 



All resources listed here have been reviewed as meeting recommended practice guidelines and are listed in either  the Alberta Health Services Comprehensive School Health Listing and the Central Zone Health Resource List Addendum for Teachers, or have been recommended as a credible resource and reviewed. This is the  tool that we use for approval of resources - 2014 Criteria for Website Approval CZ School Health Wiki.docx (new).docx 


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