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TD Outdoor Classroom Guide

Page history last edited by Corinne Hansen 6 years, 3 months ago

Outdoor Classroom Guide


TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) has partnered with Focus on Forests, a national forest education program, to develop this guide on developing and implementing outdoor classroom projects.


Outdoor classrooms bring learning to life. An outdoor classroom is a space that brings learning outside. It becomes a gathering place for teachers and students and provides an opportunity to integrate nature into your school grounds. By giving students the opportunity to get outside and experience nature, they can bring learning to life.


Outdoor classroom designs incorporate seating, teaching platforms and natural elements to explore. A well-planned outdoor classroom that is integrated into the school community will become an important part of your school and can be used for every subject, in every season. There is no standard design for an outdoor classroom; the key is to develop the classroom that will work best for your school grounds and needs of your school. But before you start, it is important to make sure that your project fits in with the policies and guidelines of your local school board – some boards even offer site visits or design consultations to help you along the way. Once you have permission, there is no limit on how this space can be developed and used by the school community. All you need is a great plan and plenty of school commitment.


The purpose of this guide is to:

  • Inspire you to get started on an outdoor classroom for your school,
  • Support your school community as you develop successful outdoor classroom plans, and
  • Enable your school to create stronger funding applications to support these initiatives.


The guide provides checklists, details of funding opportunities, planning templates and inspiring case studies.


TD FEF is proud to support the development of outdoor classrooms across Canada. If your project needs funding, please consider applying for a grant.


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