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Youth Environmental Engagement Grant

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 Youth Environmental Engagement Grant Program


To assist with the costs associated with environmental engagement activities, schools, classrooms, and community groups are invited to apply for a micro-grant of up to $500.


Applications can be submitted in the following categories:


For the development of new green spaces, or the enhancement and improvement of existing ones. Includes community gardens, outdoor classrooms, and urban naturalization projects.


For educational experiences that result in environmental learning, inspiration, and personal/professional development. Includes presentations, experiments, field trips


For the creation of new recycling or composting programs, or the enhancement and improvement of existing ones.


For the initiation of renewable energy or energy conservation projects, or the enhancement and improvement of existing ones.


For the protection and/or restoration and/or maintenance of natural habitats and areas.



Submit a YEEG application 

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There are two annual granting periods: August – December and January – June. Successful applicants will receive a first cheque of (up to) $300. A second cheque of $200 will be issued once the Alberta Emerald Foundation receives a follow-up report about the project. Status reports must be received within three months of the project start date.

Only group projects will be considered.  The project or initiative must be led or targeted at individuals who are aged 25 years and under.


Grant applications will be reviewed monthly.  Funds will be allocated to those projects that best support the goals of the program.


Grants will only be distributed to future projects, and can not be backdated. 


A maximum of two grants will be issued to each school/organization per year. Applicants may submit their second proposal once their follow-up report from their first project has been received and approved by the Alberta Emerald Foundation. 





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