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Active Healthy Kids

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Active Healthy Kids Canada


The most comprehensive annual assessment of child and youth physical activity in Canada. The Report Card can be used as an educational tool in order to promote awareness of the physical activity issue and keep up with current research.




Alberta Center for Active Living

Evidence-based physical activity information for practitioners and decision-makers.



Physical Activity Counseling Toolkit

The toolkit is a set of 10 handouts for use by practitioners when counselling clients who are sedentary, have difficulty maintaining regular physical activity, and/or have chronic diseases.




The handouts are available in English, French, Punjabi, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean. In addition, a set was created for Northern populations.



Teachers Corner- School Ground Greening



Get the most out of learning outdoors by sharing techniques and lesson plans from educators across the country who are already bringing the curriculum to life on your school ground


Jump Rope for Heart




We know that healthy students are better learners and that's why the Heart and Stroke Foundation wants to help your students learn about healthy living all while getting active and having fun at school. Supporting kids' health for more than 30 years, the Heart and Stroke Foundation encourages kids to get active while they collect pledges for heart disease and stroke research. Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart deliver fun and accessible games with information that encourages healthy eating, daily physical activity and giving back to the community.


Click Here to View Teachers Corner


Moving on the Spot

Get moving with your kids and have fun! Any time, any place!


  • This poster is a collection of ready-made stretch and movement activities that need little space and no equipment. It's is a fast and fun way to have fun with your family.
  • Moving on the Spot was designed to make it easy for adults to be physically active with children 4 to 12 years of age.

CLICK here to view poster

The Walking School Bus


In the search for ways to make walking to school safer, more fun and more convenient, communities are

finding that walking school buses can make a real difference. Safe Routes to School programs, which encourage and enable children to safely walk and bicycle to school, often include walking school buses in their activities.






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