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Get Up and Get Moving April 28 - May 2 2014

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April 28 - May 2 201



Get Up, Get Moving!


Physical Activity Breaks within the Classroom



Children should get 60 minutes of Physical Activity per day. One way to reach this goal is to take 3-5 minute activity breaks in the classroom, several times per day. 



We know the benefits that exercise has on the physical body. But did you know there is a link between movement

and learning…



Sitting for long periods

of time can negatively impact concentration, attention and can cause behavioral problems for children.




Benefits of Physical Activity on Learning:

  • ·            Increases alertness
  • ·         Increases mental function
  • ·         Increases blood flow to the brain = more oxygen, water and glucose to           fuel learning
  • ·         Increases memory
  • ·         Increases creativity
  • ·         Reduce stress
  • ·         Increase in endorphins = increased mood!


 Ideas for classroom activity breaks: 



  1. Just- a Minute (JAM) School Program:  

Sign up for JAMmin Minutes, exercise routine emailed to you every week. Or download JAM sessions at: JAMmin Minutes


     2.  Simple and fun ways to integrate physical activity with  academic concepts: Energizers: Fun Classroom Ideas


     3. Physical Activity Breaks: http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/dpa/pdfs/k-9_physical_activities.pdf



Health and Physical Education Council Conference 

May 1 – 3 (Edmonton, Alberta)

Register for HPEC 2014 here. Ever Active Schools is pleased to be offering a wellness per-conference. It will address physical activity, healthy eating and mental well-being. See you there! Early bird registration closes March 15!

 Click Here to View Conference: May 1 to 3 2014 HPEC Conference





Information adapted from: Healthy U Alberta, Participation.







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