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November 10 - 14 2014 Eat Well and Be Active

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November 10 - 14 2014


The Eat Well and Be Active Educational Toolkit is designed to help those who teach groups of children and adults aboutYoung woman harvesting pumpkins healthy eating and physical activity, and encourage individuals to take action to maintain and improve their health.



Health Canada has made these resources available on the web in their foods and Nutrition section. The information page  contains links to classroom activity plans, as well as materials that can be ordered free of charge or directly downloaded. 



Two children crossing a street at a crosswalk



This kit includes the "Eat Well and Be Active Every Day" poster which is designed to promote eating well and being physically active for both children and adults, 5 pull and go activity plans that can be used in the classroom, 54 "Eat Well and Be Active Every Day"  images that compliment the poster, and downloadable presentations for both children and adults.






The toolkit is a joint collaboration between Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada.More resources and information on a variety of topics can be found on the Healthy Canadians index page or on the Healthy Living main page . 

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