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Canadian Sport for Life

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Canadian Sport for Life


A movement to improve the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada. CS4L links sport, education, recreation and health and aligns community, provincial and national programming. Canadian Sport for Life's Long-Term Athlete Development framework is a seven-stage training, competition and recovery pathway guiding an individual’s experience in sport and physical activity from infancy through all phases of adulthood. Canadian Sport for Life and Long-Term Athlete Development represent a paradigm shift in the way Canadians lead and deliver sport and physical activity in Canada.



Tools for Practitioners


Awareness Videos


View all of the tools on our new PLAY-specific website


Become a CS4L Champion


What is a CS4L Champion?
A champion calls others to action and motivates their peers to work towards improving quality sport in Canada.

How do you become a CS4L Champion?

                                                  Download How to Become a CS4L Champion.

• Stay informed
• Get qualified
• Become a messenger
• Get involved
• Access Resources


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