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In Motion Network

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InMotion Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting physical activity for girls and women in Alberta.


Our mission is to inspire and empower girls and women of all abilities in Alberta to participate in sport and physical activity. Girls and women have been underrepresented in the fields, courts, and pools, as well as the locker rooms and board rooms of Alberta. Most of us are familiar with the physical, social, and psychological benefits of physical activity, yet beginning at age twelve, girls' involvement in physical activity declines until only 17% are active by age seventeen (Hay & Donnelly, 1996).


Go Girl
a one day get active workshop for pre-teen and teenaged girls
Girls In Motion
a community based program to provide recreation and sport specifically for girls
Women in Motion a "female-friendly" program that provides high-quality recreational, sport/physical activity programs specifically for Women in Alberta.


InMotion Network envisions a future where girls and women have access to a full range of sport and leadership opportunities.



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