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Lesson Plans Addictions Grade 12

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High School Resources 

Grade 12

A Grad To Remember

This guide is intended as a resource for parents, teachers, students, and anyone interested or involved in organizing a dry grad. It answers important questions about dry grads, describes how to get things done, and guides dry grad planning from start to finish. There are recommendations and suggestions for a successful dry grad from actual dry grad organizers, information on specific Alberta legislation relevant to dry grad planning, samples of correspondence, and more.


     Drugsfool.ca - information about fentanyl (also see below) 

Biology Supplements

Introduction for Teachers


Bio 30: Alcohol and the Reproductive System Bio 30: The Brain on Alcohol

Teacher Information Series: Crystal Methamphetamine

 Kids have always experimented and pushed the boundaries of what they should and shouldn’t do. They need to prove things to themselves and to their peers—it’s a part of growing up. When tobacco, alcohol, other drugs or gambling is involved, experimentation can become a dangerous progression that may lead to dependency or an addiction. The Teacher Information Series is designed to give teachers like you factual information to help you engage students in talking about substance abuse and gambling and allow them to make informed lifestyle decisions and healthy choices.


Alberta Health Services is committed to address the increased use of fentanyl. The information and resources are available to support staff and community agencies when working with individuals who may be using illicit fentanyl or misusing fentanyl.


Fentanyl Information 



Student Leadership

Students involved in peer leadership programs help their peers by taking an active role in the school to make it a better place. These students are dedicated to creating and supporting healthy, safe and welcoming schools. By using peer leadership to affect the overall environment of your school, you are increasing protective factors for both those directly involved in peer leadership and your school population as a whole.


The Peer Leadership Guide is a resource designed to provide junior and senior high school staff with important tools and information to implement a peer leadership program, including templates and activities to facilitate a peer leadership group.


Peer Leadership Manual


 School Policy Manual

This manual offers principals, teachers and school councils practical information about developing a substance use and gambling policy. It describes the key components of an effective policy, discusses the benefits of such policy, addresses common concerns, and provides information about relevant resources that schools can use. The manual includes sample resources such as a presentation for those developing policy, a school policy template, and statements to the school community about dealing with incidents related to substance use or gambling.


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