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Dec 22 to Jan 2 Activity Break

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Activity Break!  


December 22 2014 to January 2 2015


Christmas Break is a time to recharge and re-energize for students and staff alike. Here are some ideas to make the next two weeks relaxing, refreshing and fun. 



12 Days of Fitness  




 from an activity posted on the PECentral site (an American lesson plan site) 


  Each day the students will come in and begin class by singing the "Twelve Days of Fitness" song and perform the exercises that correspond with the song. The first day students begin with one exercise and as the days increase they are required to do the new exercise as well as all the previous ones (as in the tradition of the Twelve Days of Christmas song). Each day, at the end of class, the teacher introduces the next component of the song so when the students arrive the next day they can begin with the exercise for that day. 


On the ___ day of fitness, my teacher said to do .... 

Variation 1


1 Set of Crab A-B-Cs (Students begin in "crab position"

and tap their shoulder with the opposite hand saying the alphabet with each tap.)
2 Line Sprints
3 Laps of Jogging
4 Push-ups
5 Bicep Curls
6 Squat Thrusts
7 Mountain Climbers
8 Sit-ups
9 Jump and Taps (students stand next to a wall with arm

closest to the wall extended - then they jump up and tap the wall)
10 Calf Raises
11 Jumping Jacks
12 Seconds of Stretching 

Variation 2


12 jumps on both feet,
11 side steps,
10 swinging sways,
9 gallop steps,
8 runs in place,
7 skipping steps,
6 hops on one foot,
5 twists and turns,
4 giant leaps,
3 high reaches,
2 forward rolls, and
a big lap around the gym.                             


"Try Something New Challenge"


Each month ASEBP (Alberta School Employee Benefit Program) have created a staff wellness challenge. December's challenge is "Try Something New". full details and support pieces can be found in their 2014-2105 calendar and Health Planner, which is available  to ASEBP members. 


Here is an overview of the challenge:


With  cold weather in full swing, it might be tempting to just hibernate on the couch for the next few months, don't let the weather slow you down, now is the perfect time to try something new. Brainstorm some of the activities that you have always wanted to try. Take a look at the list, and see which ones you could do this month, choose 4 new activities (1 per week) and give it a go! 


Learning new skills that are unfamiliar and mentally challenging has been shown to improve cognitive function in older adults. develop the habit of always trying something new! 


some ideas for activities: 

 spin class, read a new book, cross country skiing, pottery or whiteware painting, making crafts with your familyetc...


At the end of the month, reflect on what happened. 

How did you find the challenge/ 

what are you most proud of/ 

What will you keep working on? 

how will you incorporate elements of the challenge into your everyday life? 



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