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RAK Essential Strategies and Resources

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Lesson Plans







Download the Educators Guide    


Kindness Projects 

Kindness project ideas appropriate for various ages, plus a how-to on setting up your own kindness club! 

Games, Books and Activities

 Fun kindness games you can play with your kids & a good list of books to inspire kindness. 

Out of School Programs

 Lessons and activities to inspire and empower kids. Specifically designed for after / out of school program 

Classroom Tools 

 A set of tools that will help you teach kindness to your kids. 

Problem-solving strategies 

Help students maintain a calm mind and body while trying to solve problems. 

Diverse Learners -

Tools that will help you reach everyone in your classroom. 

Kindness Tool Kits

esigned for K-5 students to support their learning in the classroom.  

Kindness Concept Posters 

A set of 12 posters that illustrate the kindness concepts taught in our lesson plans. (11x17" PDF, 12 pages) 

Kindness Concept Posters (Middle School) 

A set of 12 posters that illustrate the kindness concepts taught in our middle school lesson plans. (11x17" PDF, 12 pages) 





















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