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RAK Grade 4 Lesson Plans

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 Lesson Plans







Learning Objectives - Grade 4


  • Students learn what true friendship is, and how to make and be a good friend.
  • Students will learn the difference between beliefs and opinions & how to be respectful of each.
  • Students learn to identify and manage emotions induced by stressors.
  • Students learn to make responsible choices and treat others with kindness in their communities.


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Students will be able to:

• Discuss facts that support healthy relationships with friends and family.

• Describe the characteristics of being a friend




Respecting Beliefs and Opinions                                      

Students will be able to:

 • Identify the difference between fact and opinion and explore how to express facts and opinions in kind ways.

• Describe how people form kind ideas and beliefs, how friends, family and communities influence ideas and beliefs, and how to respect other people’s beliefs and opinions.

• Discuss how culture and tradition influence personal and family development.


Students will be able to:

• Identify personal stressors at home, with friends, in school and the community, and in the environment.

• List physical and emotional reactions to stressful situations.

• Identify positive and negative ways of dealing with stress.

What Would You Do?  

Students will be able to:

• Identify positive ways that peers and family members show support, care, and appreciation for one another and their community, including learning to work as a team.

• Analyze why being thankful is an important part of being kind to themselves and others




























Grade 3 to 5 Project Ideas  

Are you looking for ideas to bring kindness into your classroom and hallways of your school? Look no further! We've compiled dozens of great ideas to start conversations, spur kind acts and build strong communities at school.



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