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RAK Grade 6 Lesson Plans

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 Lesson Plans







Learning Objectives - Grade 6


  • Students will understand the consequences of violent and bullying behaviors and how to respond as an upstander.
  • Students will learn to be aware of their emotions how to be kind to themselves.
  • Students will learn to resolve conflicts in respectful and kind ways.
  • Students will learn to effectively use mental and emotional processes to help them succeed in kind ways.


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Becoming an Upstander 

Students will be able to:

• Describe the short and long-term consequences of violence on perpetrators, victims and bystanders.

• Explain the role of bystanders in escalating, preventing, or stopping bullying, fighting, hazing, or violence.

• Demonstrate the ability to identify a trusted adult to whom school or community violence should be reported.

• Analyze what cyber-bullying means, the impact it has on others, and how to be an upstander when they see cyber-bullying.

Being Kind to Ourselves  

Students will be able to identify and practice things they can say and do to be kind to themselves, which will help to maintain mental and emotional health.



Resolving Conflicts Peacefully                                       

Students will be able to:

• Describe strategies to avoid physical fighting and


• Demonstrate ways of solving conflicts non-violently

such as conflict resolution and diffusion.

• Identify a variety of non-violent ways to respond

when angry or upset.



Responding With Kindness

Students will be able to:

• Analyze how feelings can influence their behavior and

how responding appropriately to negative feelings

can help them make positive choices.

• Analyze the relationship between feelings and


• Discover what it means to persevere even when it may be difficult to do so.

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Grade 6 to 8 Project Ideas  

Are you looking for ideas to bring kindness into your classroom and hallways of your school? Look no further! We've compiled dozens of great ideas to start conversations, spur kind acts and build strong communities at school.


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