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Safe and Caring Schools Resources

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Safe and Caring


The Society for Safe and Caring Schools and Communities is a not-for profit organization which builds community capacity to prevent bullying, violence and exploitation of children and youth through the promotion of healthy relationships. 

Safe and Caring's Board of Directors include representation from the Alberta Teacher;s Association, the Alberta School Boards Association, the college of Alberta School Superintendents, and community organizations and individuals committed to the children and youth of Alberta. Safe and Caring blog


Resources for Supporting Healthy Relationships 


Research is clear that a comprehensive approach, focused on promoting healthy relationships, is the most effective way to create welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments that prevent and address bullying behaviour. Healthy relationships are built on the belief that everyone is equal and has inherent value. From this perspective, everyone has a role in creating welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments.


Understanding and Valuing Diversity  

Individual and cultural differences are an expression of diversity that needs to be anticipated and embraced 

  • Safe Spaces material
  • First Nations, Metis Inuit cultural information 
  • LGBTQ youth (including two spirit youth) 

Student Engagement  

Engagement is about creating authentic opportunities to develop and explore healthy relationships so students can make a difference in their schools and communities. 

  • brain development and healthy relationships

  • class meetings

  • global citizenship

  • kindness to animals

  • restorative practices

  • youth action projects  


Understanding Bullying

Being informed about bullying is the first step to working together to address bullying behaviour and promote healthy relationships.

  • what is bullying
  • indicators of bullying
  • bullying statsitics
  • effects of bullying
  • misconceptions about bullying
  • the role of bystanders
  • cyberbullying
  • sexual harrassment
  • relational aggression
  • preschool children and bullying  


Responding to Bullying 

Bullying affects everyone, including those who engage in bullying behaviour, those who experience bullying, and bystanders who witness the bullying.


  • for educators
    • supporting students who experience bullying 
    • working with bystanders
    • intervening with students who bully
    • talking with parents about bullying 

  • for parents / guardians
    • if your child experiences bullying

    • if your child witnesses bullying

    • if your child bullies others

  • for students
    • what can I do if I am bullied

    • what can I do if I see someone being bullied

    • what can I do if I bully others  


Creating Welcoming, Caring, Respectful, and Safe Learning Environments Building safe and caring learning environments helps support healthy relationships, prevent bullying behaviour, and promote positive mental health.
  • Alberta's Education Act: A Guide for School Leaders

  • Alberta's Education Act: Information for Students, Parents and School Staff 

  • Alberta's Education Act:  Developing and Effective Student Code of Conduct

  • Choosing Literature to Support Social Emotional Learning 

  • Choosing One-Time Events to Support a Comprehensive Approach  

  • Choosing Student Materials to Support Social Emotional Learning 

  • Choosing School-Based Programming Interventions ( a WITS example) 

  • Five Simple Steps for Evaluating School-based Programming Interventions 


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