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Mental Health - Grade 6 Lesson Plans

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Addictions and Preventative Factors

Leaps and Bounds - agitating addictions, alcohol use or abuse, dicey decisions, personal power, facing our feelings, refusal responses, life ingredients, personal promises,student workbook,  iMinds, Lungs are for Life, peer leadership manual 


Grade 6 - Alberta Health Services: Tobacco Reduction Resources

reliable age appropriate reference and links to recognized, evidence-based resources for tobacco related information.


Kids Have Stress Too Grade 6

Stress Lessons - what is stress, stressed or not stressed, deep breathing, hooked on stress, fear and worries, puzzle solver, busting stress


Not Myself Today

pay attention to their own mental health and well-being. positive attitudes and behaviors toward those living with   mental health issues or illnesses.


Random Acts of Kindness Lesson Plans 

becoming an upstander, being kind to ourselves, resolving conflicts peacefully. responding with kindness


Be Kind to Yourself and Others 

all dolled up, dinner talk, picturing hope, humour for health, bullying, friendship, move your mood, chain of support, feel good box, chicken juggling 101, listening to your inner voice 


Teaching Body Image 

role models, defining health, body image, media literacy, self-esteem, bullying, social comparison, active living,   healthy eating, advertising, stereotyping


Body Image Boosters

healthy eating, self esteem, social comparison, bullying, defining health, stereotyping, media literacy, active living 


Being Me

Hunger, Fullness, and Triggers 


Beyond Images

it's not just a game, games - from the outside in, thinking outside the box, a "musing" avatar - is this the real me?


The Student Body 

media and peer pressure, healthy eating, active living, teasing, adult role models, school climate 


Teaching Sexual Health

physical changes and coping strategies - focus on puberty, anatomy and physiology, fetal development, blood borne pathogens



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