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Lesson Plans and Curriculum Connections

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Promising practice Green School lessons as well as plans that help to integrate agriculture lessons and resources, as well as environmental concerns are listed here.  

You can also search the website by topic, grade level, or program name (ie: permaculture,, all grades, grade 6, agriculture, etc...)



Kindergarten  Grade 1  Grade 2 
Grade 3  Grade 4  Grade 5 
Grade 6  Grade 7  Grade 8 
Grade 9  Senior High  Agriculture in Alberta Teacher Resource Kit 












All resources listed here have been reviewed as meeting recommended practice guidelines and are listed in either  the Alberta Health Services Comprehensive School Health Listing and the Central Zone Health Resource List Addendum for Teachers, or have been recommended as a credible resource and reviewed. This is the  tool that we use for approval of resources - 2014 Criteria for Website Approval CZ School Health Wiki.docx (new).docx 

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