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Green Schools Grade 4

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Alberta Health Services Dietitians


Community Gardens Handbook Heathy Eating lesson plans 



Grounds for Change Curriculum Link Ideas


  • waste in our world: rotting logs, compost crazy 
  • light and shadows: sundial (crossover with math), shadow tracing, sun scavenger hunt  
  • plant growth and change: plant structures scavenger hunt, adopt a plant, plant structures comparison, native plant research, plant watch, seed hunt, seed investigations, dandelions 


Language Arts

  • dead leaf story boards, journalling activity


  • data collection  












Grade 4 Science


Classroom Agriculture Program - CAP is about the food you eat and where it comes from. CAP explains the value and importance of agriculture in Alberta. CAP highlights the vast opportunities in agriculture and the people, producers and industries that drive this trade. CAP is presented to grade four students across Alberta at no charge.   


Take an interactive adventure through the soil with  Soil Safari 


webquest about worm composting with links to webquests on a wide variety of topics


ecological footprint calculator 


Video instructions to help you make an origami newspaper seedling pot
Water Management and Irrigation The Alberta Water Portal presents a series of ten informative HD videos about the history and significance of water use in Alberta's irrigation districts. Treat It Right The City of Edmonton has storm water and waste water educational resources available online to provide Grade 4, 5, or 8 teachers with fantastic content and engaging activities for their Science lessons.


Grade 4 Social Studies 


Topic 4.2 Alberta: The Stories, Histories and Peoples of Alberta 
Topic 4.1 Alberta: A Sense of the Land 


LOGOAg for Life

Agriculture in Alberta Teacher Resource Kit 


Compost in a Bag
Edible Plant Parts  
Going Local
Plant Roles
Soil Study 
Three Sisters
Which Way Did it Grow
Worm Harvest 




Agriculture and Agri-food Canada


Food processing

The Incre-Edible School Program Educational Activity Kit - each primary students about food origins and plant life cycles with the Incre-Edible School Program educational activity kit  (free download - Canada Agriculture and Food Museum). Dairy Days Educational Activity Kit - teach young students about dairy animals and their food products and by-products.(free download - Canada Agriculture and Food Museum).  Food Chains Educational Activity Kit - Teach primary students about food chains, composting, and by-products  (free download - Canada Agriculture and Food Museum).
Chews Wisely Educational Activity Kit - Teach students about food and healthy living with the free Chews Wisely activity kit  (free download - Canada Agriculture and Food Museum).
Properties of and Changes in Matter: Bread Educational Activity Kit - Teach primary students about the physical/chemical changes of bread ingredients (free download - Canada Agriculture and Food Museum).  Biosecurity Educational Activity Kit - Teach students about the risks of rapid disease transmission. (free download- Canada Agriculture and Food Museum). 
The story behind a loaf of bread.

The story of Marquis wheat.


A map of plant hardiness zones in Canada   

The story of coffee.  The story of peanuts.


Food Safety, Health and Nutrition


Fight Bac! 

keep your food safe from bacteria 


useful tools for teachers 


  lesson plans


Alberta Milk Producers



More About Milk  



Ask a Dairy Farmer


Moo 2You 

Teacher Resources


Power to Play

Power 4 Bones


School Milk Programs


Club Moo


Alberta Beef ProducersAlberta Beef Producers


Passport Activity Book
Teacher Resource Guide







Migratory Bird Count  Water Conservation Challenge  GREEN Schools™ Program  Environmental Writing Challenge 


Learn Canola 

Learn Canola

Grade 4 Resources


The Grow a Bug SmartBoard Simlab App

The Grow A Bug Support Resource 

Find the Animals in the Barn

Plant Growth and Changes


Grade 4 Grow Guide


Fields of Home Storyscape

(order hard copy)

Diary of a Field




Nutrients for Life


Nourishing the Planet in the 21st Century - introduction  - (requires registration with site before downloading - no cost)

In Search of Essential Nutrients  Properties of Soil Plant- Soil Interactions 
Plant Nutrient Deficiencies  Plant Nutrients and the Environment Nourishing the Planet in the 21st Century 

Schools for a Living Planet


Registration is required before resources can be viewed/ downloaded.  


Land of the Midnight Sun 

Exploring Habitats Exploring Habitats Curriculum Connections  What's in a Habitat Life Connections Mapping Canada's Critters
Learning From Legends What You Learned Wild Ideas Teaching and Learning with Monarchs The Great Bear Interactive 

Chain Reaction  Wildfinder Wetland Wonderland Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup 


BC Agriculture in the Classroom


Middle School resources 

Agriculture: The Foundation of Civilization


Integrating Dance and Agriculture


Water: The Source of Life 


Agricultural Timeline

Canadaian Agricultural and Settlement Events 

Complex Digestive Systems

Snack Pack

 (A comprehensive list of fruit and vegetable related books, and websites)

Pencil Patch School Garden Resource 

Butter Churns and Stern Wheelers

social studies, science and language arts 

All About Food: Exploring Canada's Food System

Scoops Booklet My World, My Choice  Corn, Black Bean and Salsa Map


Kidzone by Alltech

provides a fun and informative overview of food, farming and the importance of healthy eating.

    • Dig-In Resource Pack

If you are interested in the Dig-In resource pack that includes lesson plans for Science, Geography, and SPHE modules, please email info@alltech.com Attention: Miranda Woodall.


A Day in the Life is a series of videos looking at the lives of people and their families from all over the world growing up and working with animals and in agriculture.

On a Horse Farm  Of a Horse Trainer and Junior Rider 
Of a Dairy Farmer  Of a Broiler Farmer   


Careers in Agriculture - Listen to what these people do everyday and learn about some of the many interesting jobs there are in modern agriculture which help to provide us with the good food today!

Kate the Nutritionist   James the Researcher   Ian the Sales Manager  


Wisconsin Chronic Disease Prevention Program


Got Dirt 

a garden tool kit, provided by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, for implementing school gardens. 

Got Veggies 

 practical and very effective suggestions for connecting children with gardening and nutrition. 


The USDA Ag in the Classroom site has many interesting links for teachers and students - searchable by grade level and topic area ( for Grade 4)


Pizza Time!

This lesson uses pizza as a basis for learning about agriculture, geography, and mathematics. 

Seeds, Miraculous Seeds 

Students will develop an appreciation and understanding of the natural development of seeds, learn the anatomy and function of each seed part through a seed dissection and classify seeds as monocots or dicots. 

Wheat and Dolls

Students will learn how wheat is grown and processed into flour and other wheat products and create wheat puppets to perform a play.


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