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Green School Senior High

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Alberta Health Services Dietitians


Community Gardens Handbook







Science 10.

Science 20.

  • Waterquest is a watershed webquest designed for Grade 8 but it has useful field activities for high school biology.

Science 30

CTS Fod2060

The Power Up! Teaching & Learning Resource supports CTS Fod2060 Milk Products & Eggs and includes approaches, strategies, tools, assessment and student learning support for both independent and classroom lab-based learning contexts.  Icons make navigation through this resource easy and identify differentiated learning, extension, assessment and weblink support for you, as you implement this course. This course provides practical, real world focused learning tasks that start with what students are familiar with — milk product and egg food choices in their daily diets — and extends their knowledge and skills to cooking science and applications.

The All About Food website and corresponding book are designed with teachers in mind: articles, videos and critical thinking questions support classroom curriculum and stimulate discussions about Canada’s agri-food sector. Some topics students can learn about include: ag careers, biotechnology, pesticides, soils and food safety Journey 2050 is a virtual simulation for Grade 7-9 students that explores world food sustainability and seeks to answer the question, “How will we sustainably feed over 9 billion people by the year 2050

Soil Monoliths Collections at the University of Alberta has soil samples from across Alberta, with samples dating back to before the land was cultivated. They have photos of the collection available online.

Ontario Agri-Food Education (OAFE) has a variety of free electronic resources, print resources and video resources that are available either for free, or for a nominal fee. They focus on current issues in agriculture including local and global food issues, modern agriculture production, science and technology and the environment.
Growing Careers is a website that provides information on the career possibilities in agriculture. The site has 75 career profile videos and other career resources for teachers and students.  


Farm to Cafeteria


Classroom Connects 

open meaningful conversations with secondary students about our local food system, and to prepare them to better understand the complexities of our food choices.



LOGOAg for Life

Agriculture in Alberta Teacher Resource Kit 





Grade 10 

Food Systems & Globalization 


Plant Soil Interactions


In Search of Essential Nutrients 


Grade 11

Food Energy 

Leaf Surface Area 

Plant Disease


Grade 12

I Eat My Peas With Honey

Worm Harvest 

Garden Stones




 Food Safety, Health and Nutrition


Fight Bac!

keep your food safe from bacteria 



useful tools for teachers 



Alberta Milk Producers



More About Milk  



Ask a Dairy Farmer


Moo 2You 

Teacher Resources 


Power 2B Me

Power Up

Smoothie Power

School Milk Programs


Milk Rewards



Alberta Beef Producers





Grow with Agriculture video





Farm to Field video




Beef and Hormones Infographic

Alberta Beef Producers




Habitat in the Balance Teaching Activities for Climate Change Energy Literacy Series Creating a Climate of Change 


Learn Canola 

Learn Canola

High School  Resources


CTS FODS General

CTS FODS 1000+

CTS FODS 2000+

CTS FODs 3000+ 

CanolaInfo Sports Nutrition Score Sheet FOD 1080: Food and Nutrtion Basics

FOD 2170: International Cuisine


FOD 2050: Bread Products


FOD 3100: Entertaining With Food


FOD 3040 Yeast Products



Working Your Way Through the Fat Maze

FOD 1070: Farm to Table


FOD 2130: Vegetarian Cuisine


FOD 2040: Cake and Pastry


FOD 3080: Advanced Meat Cookery


FOD 3030 Creative Baking


FOD 1060: Canadian Heritage Foods


FOD 2120: Meal Planning 2


FOD 2030: Food Decisions and Health 

FOD 3070: Short-Order Cookery


FOD 3020: Food and Digestion 


 Comparison of Dietary Fats



FOD 1040: Meal Planning 1

FOD2110: Fish and Poultry


FOD 2010: Contempary Baking

FOD 3060: Food Presentation



FOD 3010: Food for Life Stages 


Skinny on Fats
FOD 1030: Snacks and Appetizers

FOD 2090: Creative Cold Foods 


FOD 2070: Soups and Sauces


FOD 3050: Advanced Soups and Sauces



Is Canola Oil Safe?  

From Farm to Fuel

Biodiesel Poicy Change

Easy DNA Extraction


Comparison of Dietary Fats   The Skinny on Fats


Choice or Neccesity?




Nutrients for Life


Nourishing the Planet in the 21st Century - introduction  - (requires registration with site before downloading - no cost)

In Search of Essential Nutrients  Properties of Soil Plant- Soil Interactions 
Plant Nutrient Deficiencies  Plant Nutrients and the Environment Nourishing the Planet in the 21st Century 

Schools for a Living Planet


Registration is required before resources can be viewed/ downloaded.  


Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup


Youth Site Coordinator Manual What Are the Benefits of a Healthy Ocean Arctic Sea Ice is Alive
The Ripple Effect of Arctic Warming Conserving the Beaufort Sea Ecosystem Canada's Pacific North Coast
Wild Rivers of the Great Bear How Healthy are Canada's Waters The True North Strong and Free-Flowing Mapping Our Oceans


BC Agriculture in the Classroom


Secondary Resources

Curricular links with suggestions (10-12)


Investigating Topsoil

This activity is designed to be an introduction to Grade 9 matter cycle, however it can easily be adapted fit the curricular competencies and content connections for Science 7 & 8, Environmental Science 11 & 12, and Science for Citizens 11. The objective of this lesson is to help students establish the importance of topsoil conditions (nutrients, pH) on plant health in order to provide the relevance of studying matter cycles.


Watering and Plant Growth

In this activity, students design and carry out an experiment to determine how altering watering conditions (temperature, amount, size of droplet, time of day, mulching, type of soil, etc.) can affect plant growth. 

Trashing Food Waste with Technology



Advertising Local Agricultural Products 

(Foods and Nutrition 10, Marketing 10)

ABC - Apples of British Columbia

 (Foods and Nutrition11-12) 

Blueberries are "Best"

 (Foods and Nutrition 11-12) 

Choosing Tomorrow's Menu 

(Grades 8-12, Sustainable Resources, Home Economics, Health and Career Education, Planning, Social Studies, Physical Education)

BC Honey: The Natural Sweetener 

(Home Economics 8-12)

Bee Keeping 

(Science 8-11 )

Field to Table: Take the Grain Train from BC's Peace River Area and Beyond 

(Home Economics 10, Foods and Nutrition 10)


Hot House Foods 

(Foods and Nutrition 8-12)





(Foods and Nutrition 11-12)



Pickling as Food Preservation 

(Foods and Nutrition 9-12, Science 10)

Textile Embellishment with Flowers and Plants

 (Textiles 11)


The Organic Alternative 

(Culinary Arts 11-12, Cafeteria Training 11-12)

Think Global Eat Local 

(Foods and Nutrition 11-12)

Vegetarian Diets - Vegetarian Cuisine 

(Foods and Nutrition 11-12)

Agricultural Timeline

What do You Say When

All About Food: Exploring Canada's Food System


Preserving the Harvest

 (Foods and Nutrition 10) 


Investigating Biotechnology: A Teacher's Resource for Science 10 

The "Real" Dirt on Farming

10 Reasons to Buy Local Food 


Scoops Booklet 


Kidzone by Alltech

provides a fun and informative overview of food, farming and the importance of healthy eating.

    • Dig-In Resource Pack

If you are interested in the Dig-In resource pack that includes lesson plans for Science, Geography, and SPHE modules, please email info@alltech.com Attention: Miranda Woodall.


A Day in the Life is a series of videos looking at the lives of people and their families from all over the world growing up and working with animals and in agriculture.

On a Horse Farm  Of a Horse Trainer and Junior Rider 
Of a Dairy Farmer  Of a Broiler Farmer   



Careers in Agriculture - Listen to what these people do everyday and learn about some of the many interesting jobs there are in modern agriculture which help to provide us with the good food today!

Kate the Nutritionist   James the Researcher   Ian the Sales Manager  



The USDA Ag in the Classroom site has many interesting links for teachers and students - searchable by grade level and topic area (70+ for senior high)


Conserving Bumble Bees

This lesson introduces the importance of bumble bees and other pollinators. Using a case study approach, students will examine bumble bee population surveys and use the scientific method to discuss possible causes for the decline of pollinators. Students will then determine which land management conservation strategies in agricultural ecosystems are most successful in attracting and supporting bumble bee populations. 

Feeding a Digital World: From Farm to Fork

Using an interest-based approach in teams, students will create a video using a smart phone or tablet application to educate consumers about where their food comes from.


Mystery Juice (9-12th Grade)

Using an inquiry approach, students will develop an investigation to determine the difference between two juices. Food safety will be discussed in relation to the results of the investigations. Students will have the opportunity to discover how pasteurization reduces the number of microorganisms in a food such as juice.





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