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Grade 1 Hygiene Lesson Plans

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Wash Your Hands! is an elementary school teaching resource developed by Do Bugs Need Drugs? (DBND) Handwashing is a basic life skill that is fundamental to the health of students, teachers, school personnel and families.  These activities increase awareness of how the hands can spread germs and why handwashing is important in stopping the spread of infections.


Lesson plan              

Activities - includes mascot picture, flash cards, instruction sheets and printable posters

Handwashing video links - directly linked to lesson plan content

Printable handwashing sign - directly linked to lesson plan content

Background/ Support Information - developed to complement curriculum including letter templates, powerpoints, articles for school newsletters etc..


  • Content fits with the Health and Life Skills curriculum of Alberta Education

  • Developed with Alberta Education through a grant from Alberta Health and Wellness

  • Authorized for use in Alberta schools by Alberta Education


Online supplemental games 




See also - Grade 1 Oral Health Lesson Plans


Smart Kids Fight BAC! ®

Smart Kids Fight BAC!® is an award-winning curriculum for K-Grade 3 consisting of an animated video; teacher guides; activity booklets that reinforce food safety through math, language arts, art and science; and He’s BAC! – a storybook for children and parents.  

The curricula was created by Dr. Judy A. Harrison, Professor of Foods and Nutrition and Extension Foods Specialist at the University of Georgia.  Dr. Harrison currently serves on the board of The Partnership for Food Safety Education.



He’s BAC StorybookLevel 1 Activity Book 
For classroom and after-school use.  Puzzles, games, activity coloring pages for the younger kids.  
Level 1 Teaching Guide 
Guide for educators on how to use Smart Kids Fight BAC! Level I activity book. Answer keys and pre and post tests.  
Level 2 Activity Book 
For classroom and after-school use.  Puzzles, games, activity coloring pages for kids at elementary school level.
Level 2 Teaching Guide 
Guide for educators on how to use the Smart Kids Fight BAC Level II activity book. Answer keys and pre and post tests.


Grades K – 3

About the FightBAC! Program
A hands-on guide to the PFSE’s FightBAC! education program.
Planning to use the FightBAC! Program
A guide to the planning process for PFSE’s FightBAC! education program from the right time to implement to the proper preparation. 
FightBAC! Presentations
A guide to executing PFSE’s FightBAC! education program: Storytelling techniques, frequently asked questions by kids and sample responses.
The Story of BAC 



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