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Grade 8 Hygiene Lesson Plans

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Wash Your Hands! is a school teaching resource developed by Do Bugs Need Drugs? (DBND) Handwashing is a basic life skill that is fundamental to the health of students, teachers, school personnel and families.  These activities increase awareness of how the hands can spread germs and why handwashing is important in stopping the spread of infections.


Resource manual

Powerpoint      Powerpoint with Notes

Handwashing video links - directly linked to lesson plan content

Printable handwashing sign - directly linked to lesson plan content

Newsletter Articles  - developed to complement curriculum

Print Material Order Form  

Letter from Medical Officer of Health


  • Content fits with the Health and Life Skills curriculum of Alberta Education

  • Developed with Alberta Education through a grant from Alberta Health and Wellness

  • Authorized for use in Alberta schools by Alberta Education



Online supplemental games 

Food Safe Curriculum from FightBac        






Comprehensive Teacher's Guide

Your Game Plan to Food Safety - the teacher's activity and experiment guide, a comprehensive guide to teaching FightBAC! in the classroom.

Experiments for Fighting BAC!

Experiments that will help students to learn the importance of proper hand-washing and proper food preparation, cooking and storage in order to FightBAC!

FightBAC! Game

The BAC Catcher game - a fun tool for teaching children to fightBAC!

FBI Case: Perils at the Picnic

A case study where children become the detectives on the case of a foodborne illness.

Home Food Safety Survey

A tool for students to use to help them determine if they are fighting BAC! at home.

FightBAC! Activities

Guide for advancing food safety across the curriculum, around your school and around your community.


see also - Grade 8 Oral Health Lesson Plans

Health and Hygiene Matching Game - A Lesson Plan from Life Planning Education: A Youth Development Program

To learn about good health and hygiene practices - includes discussion guide, pdf handouts.


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