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Traffic Safety Grade 1

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A FREE Traffic Safety Program Created With Teachers, for Teachers.

STREET SAFE is a brand new educational program that teaches pedestrian, school bus and bicycle safety to students in Kindergarten to Grade 3. It was created in response to feedback from Division One teachers on the former traffic safety program, Kinetic Kids.


Preview the Guide (printable pdf)


Order online                         All materials are free. Orders will be delivered directly to your school.


Way to Be! - Living Respectfully  is an education program developed to help us change how we think about traffic safety in school zones. 


All Way to Be! - Living Respectfully materials and activities were developed by Alberta teachers for Alberta teachers The program meets a variety of Alberta curriculum objectives for many subjcts and grades (K to 6). - download curriculum connections


The Way to Be!- Living Respectfully Facilitator Guide and materials support schools as they create a culture of respectful behaviour related to traffic safety. There is even a Way to Be - Living Respectfully Jeopardy game available (2 versions).. Make sure to check out Additional Resources for extra activites, including SmartBoard resources. 


What you get

Lesson plans, role plays, memory games, journals, stickers, puzzles, extension ideas, multiple versions, pre and post surveys and more.  








The Safe Roads Alberta website has been redesigned to make it easier to find recommended practice resources for traffic safety.


The Alberta Office of Traffic Safety Resource database includes information on

back to school,school bus safety,  bicycle safety,occupant restraints (including carseats/ booster seats)  intersection safety, off highway vehicles, and pedestrian safety






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