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Traffic Safety High School

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Getting into Gear was developed to introduce Alberta’s youth to the driving experience and to promote safe driving skills and attitudes.

The kit, consisting of a Teacher’s Guide, Student Activity Booklet, and supplemental resources, includes four modules that explore risk management, the graduated driver licensing (GDL) program, parent involvement and teen contracts.


A Geared to Go: Workbook for Coaching New Drivers is also available.


Getting into Gear (New Drivers) 

    Getting into Gear Activity Book - (2006)
    Getting into Gear Bookmark - (2006)
    Getting into Gear Magnet - (2006)
    Getting into Gear Teachers Guide - (2006)
    Geared to Go: Workbook for Coaching New Drivers - (2004)






Change the Conversation is a national education program on impaired driving in Canada developed by the Traffic Injury Prevention Research team. This program was created by a partnership between the Traffic Injury Research Foundation, arrive alive DRIVE SOBER and the Student Life Education Company. Its goal is to share the facts about impaired driving with the public and interested professional. Building Effective Strategies for Talking to Your Students About Drinking and Driving is a series of scenarios/ discussions that have been developed based on research to assist educators in guiding conversations with teens about this topic. 




The Safe Roads Alberta website has been redesigned to make it easier to find recommended practice resources for traffic safety.


The Alberta Office of Traffic Safety Resource database includes information on

back to school, distracted driving, Impaired driving, driver attitude, motorcycle safety, intersection safety, off highway vehicles, pedestrian safety, speed, and young drivers 





School Lessons for TeachersBe The Difference logo


For grades 7 - 12

  • Designed for teachers to engage youth in traffic safety education and discussion.
  • All resources are included.
  • Curriculum links identified in health, CALM, ICT, science, social studies and language.



There are five sets of lessons included on this website:


The lessons have curriculum links that are identified (Science, Health, Social Studies, CALM, ICT & Language).

  • All the resources are included - you may have to prepare copies or gather a few common items to complete the task.
  • Each module has a PowerPoint presentation, a lesson plan, additional activities and a list of required materials.
  • The lessons have different time requirements but are clearly identified.
  • A list of resources is also included for further information on the topic.


Our wish is for these resources to be used in all of Alberta's schools to help keep our youth safe on our roads and throughout all aspects of their lives. Take these resourcees for a spin in your classroom - and tell us what you think.

Email feedback to: Traffic.Safety@albertahealthservices.ca




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