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Injury Prevention Lesson Plans Grade 4

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Parachute - Preventing Injuries. Saving Lives.


The TD Think First For Kids Program aims to foster safety conscious habit formation and behavioural change in students, in order to promote life-long injury prevention awareness. The  materials introduce students to key biology concepts, such as brain and spinal cord anatomy.  This is used as foundation for activities and lessons on injury topics like sport and recreational safety. The program will encourage creative problem solving in discussions of these important topics.  (Live Safe video linked on site) 



ThinkFirst Injury Prevention Play





Lesson 1: Brain and Spinal Safety

Lesson 2: Pedestrian and Vehicular Safety

Lesson 3: Bicycle, Scooter Board, Skateboard, Rollerblade Safety

Lesson 4: Playground, Recreation, Sports and Water Safety

Lesson 5: Problem Solving (Weapons)

Lesson 6: Strangulation, Suffocation, Choking, Poisons, Drugs, and Allergic Reactions


Additional Material 

Introductory Package



Parachute - Preventing Injuries. Saving Lives.







Did you know that in 2011, there were 226 railway grade crossing and trespassing incidents that resulted in 42 serious injuries and 70 fatalities in Canada? The majority of these could have been prevented. You can help reduce the risk of injury by providing consistent safety messages to the children you work with. The Safe Crossing Program is a comprehensive, easy to use, national rail safety education program. Developed with key partners, the suggested activities connect rail safety to language, science, social sciences, health and physical education for children ages five to 12.


Rail Activity Lesson Plans Kindergarten - Grade 6 


Grade 4              English Language: Get the creative juices flowing with advertisements!

Physical Education: Let Train Trivia test your students' safety knowledge.

Safe Healthy Active People Everywhere 

Teaching Resources designed for teachers to help students learn more about Active Living, Personal Safety and the Environment


This thematic unit, for grades 4 and 5 includes subject-related lessons to help you promote the benefits of safe active modes of transportation, to the environment and to one's personal health through games and fun activities. It also encourages students to be more physically active, safe and environmentally conscious on a daily basis. 


Links are included for lesson plans in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health, physical education, music, as well as special activities, literature and video, technology, and tools and games (see below)


Game 1: Clean Air Shuffle Game 2:Clean Air Hopscotch Game 3: Clean Air Obstacle Course
Game 4: Trivia Tag Game 5: Air Care Certificate
Heart Rate Tally Sheet Number of Kilometres Walked/Biked Tally Sheet Walk Across Canada Tally Sheet



Region of Peel Public Health Bicycle Safety 


see also "Traffic Safety Lesson Plans Grade 4


Food Safe Curriculum from FightBac                         


Comprehensive Teacher's Guide

Your Game Plan to Food Safety - the teacher's activity and experiment guide, a comprehensive guide to teaching FightBAC! in the classroom.

How Our School Fought BAC Video

This 20 minute video accompanies the Teacher's Guide, completing the Middle School Curriculum Kit.

Experiments for Fighting BAC!

Experiments that will help students to learn the importance of proper hand-washing and proper food preparation, cooking and storage in order to FightBAC!

FightBAC! Game

The BAC Catcher game - a fun tool for teaching children to fightBAC!

FBI Case: Perils at the Picnic

A case study where children become the detectives on the case of a foodborne illness.

Home Food Safety Survey

A tool for students to use to help them determine if they are fighting BAC! at home.

FightBAC! Activities

Guide for advancing food safety across the curriculum, around your school and around your community.

Kids Health in the Classroom  

Help your students learn how they can improve their own health with these teacher's guides


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