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Mar 16 to 20 Fueling Your Workday

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March is Nutrition Month! Healthy Eating Starts Here


Did you know that employees spend about 60% of their waking hours at work and also eat at least one meal while on shift? This means that making healthy food and drink choices at work can have an impact on our health and energy levels.


March is Nutrition Month! This year Alberta Health Services dietitians are sharing tips on how to Shift to Healthy Eating at Work.



Fueling Your Work Day



ü Kick start your day with a meal that is packed with nutrition. With healthy and easy-to-prepare foods on hand, you can create a quick meal such as whole grain toast topped with peanut butter. Don’t have an appetite when you first wake up? Try starting with one or two foods at a time such as a hardboiled egg, and a cup of milk. When that becomes a habit, aim to include 3–4 of the food groups from Canada’s Food Guide 


ü  Energize your day with a healthy mid-shift meal. Leftovers such as casseroles or meats used in wraps and sandwiches paired with vegetables work well as a nutrient-packed and filling meal. Include snacks if you are hungry between meals. Plan ahead and pack foods from Canada’s Food Guide such as unsweetened dried fruit, whole grain crackers, or unsalted nuts. 


If eating out with co-workers, choose restaurants that offer healthy choices. Downsize portions by packing half to bring home for a later meal or split an entrée. Pick dishes that are steamed, grilled or roasted. Ask for the sauces, dressings and condiments on the side and use in small amounts.


For more resources on healthy eating visit:healthyeatingstartshere.ca












Baked Goods:



downloadable poster - Fueling Your Workday 




Supporting Healthy Eating Resources for Your Classroom 


Healthy Eating Lesson Plans


Classroom Resources


Web Based Resources 





Supporting Healthy Eating Resources for Your Staff 


Shift to Healthy Eating at Work (article) 

Tip Sheet # 1  Healthy Foods to Make a Meal

Tip Sheet # 2 Grab and Go Meal Ideas 

Tip Sheet # 3 Wrap, Pita, and Sandwich Ideas 

Tip Sheet # 4 Healthy Tips for Eating Out

Tip Sheet # 5 Keeping Hydrated

Tip Sheet # 6 Survive the Midshift Slump















More recipes at Inspiring Healthy Eating


Each recipe that appears on this page

    • Fits into the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Adults-Choose Most Often or Choose Sometimes category
    •  Comes with a nutrition messages specific to the recipe
    • Provides nutrition information per serving, nutrient claims (if applicable), as well as the number of Canada's Food Group Servinngs 


These recipes were selected from the AHS recipe database by the Nutrition Communications Working Group and were deemed relevant to the Nutrition Month 2015 theme there has been a lot of interest on AHS social media in our recipes, additional recipes will be added over the next few months.



Newsletters – Nutrition Month 2015


The attached Nutrition Month 2015 newsletter can be reformatted and/or printed and distributed to staff. Please note the target audience for the newsletter is adults.


For students and parents, visit the Nutrition Bites newsletters at http://www.albertahealthservices.ca/6457.asp

Select one of the following ready to use suggested topics or choose from over 25 newsletters:





Check back weekly for ideas and resources to help your school promote Nutrition Month






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