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Alberta Community Initiatives Program (Alberta Lottery)

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The Community Initiatives Program (CIP) funds initiatives that enhance and enrich communities throughout Alberta. The program: 

  • Reinvests revenues generated from provincial lotteries to communities
  • Empowers local citizens and community organizations to work together
  • Responds to local needs


The funding limits are:

  • Project-Based Grant - maximum $75,000.
  • Operating Grant - maximum $75,000.
  • International Development Grant - maximum $25,000.




Organizations are eligible to apply for one capital and one non-capital grant per government fiscal year (April 1 – March 31). Non-capital grant requests can be accessed through any one of the CIP grant streams. Capital grant requests can be accessed under CIP Project Based or the Community Facility Enhancement Program. Operating and programming funding from CIP will be limited to one grant per organization in each government fiscal year.

Funding assistance can be requested for:

  • Projects or new initiatives
  • Planning studies
  • Capital projects
  • Special funding (i.e., disaster requests within Alberta)
  • Core operating or programming costs, including staff and rent

Program Guidelines


Download the Community Initiatives Program Guidelines 

Funding is available through three streams:


  1. Project-Based Grant provides assistance to community organizations for such projects as:
    • Equipment purchases
    • Facility construction or renovation projects
    • Hosting/travel/special events
    • New programs or special funding (e.g. disaster) requests
  2. Operating Grant provides assistance to registered nonprofit organizations to:

    • Deliver ongoing programs and services to the community
    • Enhance the organization's ability to operate
  3. International Development Grant provides assistance to small and medium-sized Alberta-based non-government organizations to:

    • Meet Alberta's commitment in giving developing countries the tools to eventually meet their own needs.
    • The purpose of the international development grants are to match or supplement donations from Albertans to humanitarian projects.

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