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Peace Lessons Grades 7 to 9

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A listing compiled by Peaceful Schools International 


50 ideas for Anti-Bullying Week
The Anti-Bullying Alliance presents a series of suggested activities for Anti-Bullying week. Many of these activities have been suggested by children and young people, and can be led and organised by them. Other ideas have come from the Anti-Bullying Alliance. Select, adapt and build on the activities most appropriate for the children and young people with whom you work. Work with children and young people on all the suggested activities. Ask everyone to come up with their own idea! 


50 Ideas for Anti-Bullying Week 

All Different, All Unique
Member States of UNESCO unanimously adopted the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity in 2001. This is a version of the text that has been developed by and for young people around the world. 
All Different, All Unique 
Assessment Toolkit: Bullying, Harassment and Peer Relations at School
This free 170 page kit has been designed for teachers, school administrators, and ministries of education to provide a standard way to measure the nature and prevalence of school peer relationship problems, standards for quality programs, and a common set of tools to assess the impact of school-based programs. It was developed in partnership with the Canadian Initiative for the Prevention of Bullying (National Crime Prevention Centre) 
Assessment Toolkit – Bullying, Harassment and Peer Relations 
Children’s Rights: A Teacher’s Guide
This guide will give you the tools you need to introduce rights education into your classroom. As well as practical information about children’s rights and their importance to well-governed societies, the guide contains ideas about how you can introduce the topic into your school curriculum and incorporate rights into your normal teaching practice. Developed by Save the Children Canada. 


Children’s Rights: A Teacher’s Guide 

Culture Shock - National Geographic

This lesson asks students to think about how cultural customs differ throughout the world . Students will research a foreign culture's customs and write stories pretending they are on vacation with a friend from the country they have researched. They and their friend will travel to a new country that neither person is familiar with, and students will describe each person's reactions to the new culture and how these reactions differ based on each person's own cultural customs and habits.


Culture Shock

Finding New Words: A Resource for Addressing Bullying at School
This resource provides a series of exercises for teachers and a lesson plan for students to more effectively address bullying by taking a stand, telling the truth, and building a stronger community at school. From www.racebridgesforschools.com 

Finding New Words Resource 

International Day of Peace Packet
The Center for Cooperative Principles offers this International Day of Peace: Education Resource Packet.
International Day of Peace Packet
The Kit: A Manual by Youth to Combat Racism through Education
This anti-racism resource was created by youth, for youth. It includes anti-racism information, tools and resources. Educators, youth, community leaders, NGOs, peer educators and anti-racism activists can all make use of this kit to take action to combat racism. 


The Kit


The Seven Challenges Workbook: Cooperative Communication Skills
This workbook provides a structured, intensive exploration of seven challenging skills for a lifetime of better communication in work, family, friendship & community. 

Seven Challenges Cooperation Communication Skills Workbook


ymca inspire peace Peace Building Activity Guide

The Peace Building Activity Guide contains 34 peace building activities, categorized for children, youth, and adults.  

ymca inspire peace Peace Building Activity Guide 




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